Everything You Need to Know to Help Your Furry Loved One Love Your Apartment

Get Some Exercise With Your Dog

pug-smHaving a dog can be a lot of fun, but it can also be tiring. They are so full of energy all the time and that energy only increases when they are pinned up in the apartment all day.

Get some exercise while making your puppy happy!

What To Do About A Stray Animal

What can be done about those pesky strays around your apartment? I-dont-do-ugly-smaller

No…I’m not talking about your creepy ex who just keeps lingering around…I’m talking about stray animals. Again..not your ex….

Pick Up The Poop: Keep Your Community Clean

Top 5 Unique Apartment Pets

pug-smNothing makes apartment living fun like a playful pet. Fido and Felix bring a number of new elements to an apartment other than the additional smell. On any given day pets add companionship, humor, personality, and tons of fun to even the most monotonous dwellings. Although dogs and cats lead the pack of domesticated pals there are a number of untraditional, unique, and exotically extravagant creatures available. So, if you are seeking a cute, small, or just out of the ordinary companion check out the little buggers that round out my list of Top Five Unique Apartment Pets.

Keeping Your Pets From Escaping

Cats and dogs love to be outside. Heck, we all love to be outside, but some of our pets have a tendency to be escape artists at the mere chance to sneak away.

A fellow apartment resident shared a story with us about how her cat, Snowball, loves to leap over the patio railing or even squeeze under it when she is left alone on the patio for just a couple of seconds. Thankfully, she lives on the first floor, so the cat doesn’t have much of a fall. Apparently, though, getting the cat back over the railing and into the apartment is quite the challenge as Snowballdini will cower in a corner and hiss and mew anytime you get close to her.

A Few Apartment Animal Rules

When out on the apartment grounds, never leave your pets unattended. The great outdoors is for you AND Bruno, not you OR Bruno. Dogs and cats should never be left to wander outdoors unattended.

If you’re not there, your pet shouldn’t be there either.

Remember Your Pets

Okay, so animals aren’t actually people, but they have feelings like we do. Which makes them likepeople, doesn’t it? If a group of us were sitting around the living room hanging out, my old dog would sit in his own place and just look around at everyones faces because he thought that’s all we were doing. He thought he was a person too.


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