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Top Tips, Ideas and Advice on Getting Fit and Staying Healthy While Living the Apartment Life

Get Some Exercise With Your Dog

pug-smHaving a dog can be a lot of fun, but it can also be tiring. They are so full of energy all the time and that energy only increases when they are pinned up in the apartment all day.

Get some exercise while making your puppy happy!

Flu Season Around The Apartment

We are heavy into flu season and I can tell you one thing for sure that rings true for every single apartment resident out there…nobody wants to get sick.

If you do, there may be something deeper wrong there that should be evaluated.

How to Get Better Sleep in Your Apartment

Getting good sleep may be one of the most important factors on happiness, health, and hanging on to those youthful good looks that you have. If only if it were as easy as being a cat….

Living in an apartment gives you an opportunity to get better sleep than any other living situation. It’s warmer than a cardboard box. It’s your own place, so Mom doesn’t come screaming about breakfast when you are trying to sleep. Most importantly, you don’t have to lose sleep about the money that you are spending on repairs and maintenance to a home you own. All you have to do is call the office.

It’s little known, but I am actually an expert on sleep. There are a few things out there that can help you sleep more soundly at night in your apartment.

Easy Excercise Around The Apartment To Avoid The Summer Heat

The summer heat is crankin’ up as we get deeper and deeper into the warm months. Of course we all still want to be able to hit the beach in our swimsuits with pride, so we still need to be hitting the gym.

I am a strong advocate on getting a little fresh air and doing cardio outside, in whatever way that may be. However I know that is hard for my folks in states like Texas that are really feeling the heat when they step out of their apartment. So what can you do for cardio around the apartment if it’s too hot to run or bike outside?

The Essential Pieces To The Perfect Apartment Home Gym

I have a membership at a huge gym near my apartment because the fitness center of my community isn’t very adequate. (I know to look for this the next time I am apartment hunting). Despite these facts, I find myself working out in my apartment daily and getting a better benefit with only 5 small pieces of equipment than I do with a whole gym of expensive machines.

Previously, I had offered some advice on building a home gym, but I have discovered more about the topic that I am aching to share with you.

This setup works tremendously well for me and gives me everything I need, requiring only a small amount of space (perfect for an apartment!).

Check it out!:

How to Get An Apartment Workout In Limited Space

36753390Limited for space, but want to get a good workout In your Apartment? You could always go to the fitness center if your community has one. That’s what it’s there for and is usually top of the line.

But if you are truly more comfortable and want to work out in your actual apartment. There are a few ideas that you should keep in mind as you are burning the calories and pumping up those muscles.

Tips For Healthy Living In Your Apartment

If your apartment is anything like mine, it’s very comfortable and makes it very easy to veg out on the couch and watch your waist line grow. It takes a little discipline to put down the potato chips and get in gear, but you can do it. A healthy lifestyle will not only help you look better, but you will also FEEL better. Both of these betters, will make you a happier apartment-ite.

There are ways to promote healthy living other than hitting the gym and it starts with getting in good habits while you eat. Here are a few common good eating ideas to follow:

Quick, Easy Exercise Tips

Getting exercise is the key to being in shape. We all know this is an absolute fact, but the life of an Apartmentite can be a very, very busy with very little time for hitting the gym.

Your body enjoys and responds well to being active. Sitting still for too long can actually be bad for you as tension develops. Being active also helps your body deal with stress too!


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