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How to Be A Better Neighbor – The Keys to Success

No matter where you go, you may run into issues with your neighbor. The best thing that you can do is do your part in being a good neighbor. Lead by example.

Here are some ways to be a great neighbor and not a terrible one:

What to Do If You Think Your Roommate Stole Your Money

roommatemoneyHave you ever suspected your roommate of stealing money or something else from you? It is a very tough confrontation and can complicate friendships if you end up being wrong. Even when you don’t have a really strong nor bad relationship with your roommate, this situation can be quite complex.

How can you confront them without upsetting them or making them feel falsely accused? You also need to keep in mind that you could be right and they could get defensive, so you must bring this up in a way that makes you safe as well. Trust me, you don’t want to accuse them of something, be wrong, have them move out and leave you with the huge lease to cover by yourself.

Apartment Parking Lot Etiquette

All in all, apartment parking lot etiquette seems like it would be simple…right?


After observation over many years of my various apartment communities’ parking lots, I have come to the conclusion that not everyone may have knowledge of the rules, regulations, and general niceties that come with sharing a massive parking lot.

Etiquette In The Fitness Center

36753390If your community has a state of the art fitness center (which most of them do), it’s time for you to take full advantage.

Don’t waste money and time driving to a big expensive gym, when you have everything that you will need to get in shape and stay that way included in the cost of rent and right there in your own community.

There are a few simple rules of etiquette that you and your neighbors should follow when working out in your apartment’s fitness center.

Big Apartment Living Rule # 1: Don’t Be Trashy

There are not many things that you can do that bother both the apartment managers and your neighbors more than leaving full trash bags by your front door or on your front porch.

Spring Rules To Remember Around the Community

partySpring has finally arrived and there are becoming less and less reasons to stay inside the apartment. There is just nothing like a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze and a temperature in the upper 70s. As you are slowly making your way out of your winter hibernation, there are a few rules and tips that you should follow around an apartment community that will help make sure everyone has some good times in the sun.

3 Quick Tips on Keeping the Noise Down & Not Bothering Your Neighbors

Ever had upstairs neighbors who were in an awesome rock band, yet seemed to rehearse above you late hours into the night? Or if not that, perhaps you’ve had a neighbor who has been binge watching the latest action drama on very loud speakers that are shaking the frames off your wall? Most people have at some point dealt with a neighbor who had noise levels a little higher than necessary. (Or – they’ve been that person themselves!)

It’s always a great idea to keep in mind these few ideas on being considerate of your neighbors by keeping down the noise in your apartment.

Pick Up The Poop: Keep Your Community Clean

Loud Neighbors? Check This Out…

Does it often sound like your upstairs neighbor either runs an underground Wrestling federation, trains elephants, or is a giant who plays a whole lot of Dance, Dance, Revolution with heavily weighted clown shoes?


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