Discover Great Do It Yourself Ideas for Your Apartment

Top Tips For A Great Apartment Bathroom

Bathrooms can get cluttered and really start to look messy from time to time. It is in fact one of the most trafficked rooms in your apartment, so it can be a true measure of your cleanliness.

If a guest sees a cluttered and dirty bathroom they may think the same about you. There are a number of easy ways to keep your apartment bathroom clean and clutter free that go way beyond just simply wiping everything down.

De-clutterizing everything starts with one thing: storage. Here are a few easy tips to declutter and clean your apartment bathroom.

How To Make Cheap And Easy Do-It-Yourself Curtains

Tired of looking at the boring, generic window shades that came standard with your apartments? Well cover them up with some really fun and inexpensive curtains.

Here’s an easy guide on setting yourself up with a cheap and easy curtain:

Decorating Your Apartment with Blue

What do you think our favorite color is? Take a look at the colors we have used to decorate this site. Any clue?

It’s not green. And it’s not red.

Making Your Apartment Bedroom The Type Of Bedroom You Can Dream About

I’ve seen it a thousand times. Bed centered on one wall. TV centered on a dresser about 2 feet from the foot of the bed. A bedside table or box used as a bedside table with an alarm clock, an empty glass, a book that never gets read, and random trinket to the left of the bed and blinds over the window.

How to Patch Up Holes in Your Wall

patchingYou had some posters and frames hung up on the walls with tacks and nails, but now you’ve decided to redesign your place, take them down, and move a few onto a different wall in your apartment. The problem is: those nasty looking holes are still there…staring at you…laughing in that hole in the wall sort of way.

You’d love to patch them up and forget about them, but aren’t exactly sure how. Learning is worth it though because you’ll have less to worry about when you one day, many years down the linemove into a different place.

As always, we’re here to help you! Our apartment hole patching up experts, whom bear the title “Ap-hole-patch-perts,” have come up with a “how to” check list to help you get those holes fixed in no time!

Pay Attention To Your Apartment – Solve Basic Apartment Problems

Just like you do, your apartment has needs! Sometimes these needs can go unnoticed and if not dealt with properly eventually could turn into problems. Some of these things you can take care of yourself, but a few are things that need to be handled by the management or maintenance team.

Often they will come upon these needs without you having to give them notice, but from time to time you might have to let them know first. This is why it is important to pay attention to your apartment’s needs.

So what are these needs?

5 Seriously Easy Ideas to Freshen Up Your Living Room

Ever get so tired of the same layout in your apartment everyday that you constantly shuffle things around to make them seem different? I know I do. These 5 seriously easy ideas can help give a brand new feel to a stale living room for very little money in almost no time.

Some Great Lighting Ideas For Your Apartment

lightingLights can add so much to your apartment. Sure, you could stick with the simple overhead light that comes installed in your place when you move in, but how boring is that?!?!

Now we must keep in mind that most apartment communities will not allow you actually install new fixtures, so thinking outside of the box is the key in good lighting. One note on this however, is to ALWAYS check with you management first. They may actually let you purchase a fixture and then have their maintenance team install it for you. Remember that if you do this though, they more than likely will require that you leave whatever item that you install when you decide to move out.

3 Great Bathroom Decor Ideas


Need some ideas to spice up your bathroom? Does it look cold and empty like a public school bathroom? Nothing but the toilet sink, walls, mirror, and a few towels? Trust me. That’s not impressing anyone or anything.

Often overlooked in decorating, the bathroom is one of the more visited rooms in the home. With people spending an average of 45 minutes per day using it, showering and primping, why should you ever even think about leaving it bare?

Don’t Forget To Change The Little Things Around the Apartment

Does your AC seem to not cool as well as it used to? Seeing a ton of dust around? It’s your air filter.

Air filters get dirty, it’s a matter of fact. And I am not talking about your car’s air filter, I am talking about your apartment’s AC filter.


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