Cleaning and Organizing

Fresh Ideas to Help Get Your Apartment Clean and Organized

Go Green with Your Spring Cleaning

The whole world is going green. Which is great because it may be necessary to do that for the whole world to continue existing. UK based Greenbottle has developed a biodegradable milk carton, made of recycled card board and a bio-degradable plastic inner liner made from corn starch. Recycling solutions like this are popping up everywhere!

How to Have a Clutter Free Apartment

banner-01-bgClutter is a very common problem among every single apartment resident that I have ever come across in my entire life. It’s perfectly natural, but the bad part is: it spreads! Then before you know
it, you have tons of clutter of junk that you don’t really need piling up all over your apartment. We clutch on to these things for dear life for reasons that seem beyond our control.

Are they truly beyond our control? Heck no! So why do we hang on to these things and let the clutter build? There are three main reasons:

Tips For Cleaning Your Closet

Let’s take a journey through what an image of havoc, mayhem, and disarray my closet has looked like recently.

Ever seen the streets of Times Square in New York after New Years Eve? Imagine bottles, trash, and debris from tens of thousands of people having a massive party in the streets, trampling over garbage and each other, and no one cleaning anything up. Then imagine a small tornado came through and mixed up all of that chaos a little more, spreading it around so the asphalt underneath is scarcely viewable by the naked eye. That’s about what the floor of my bedroom closet looked like with clothes (both clean and dirty), hangers, and who knows what else strewn about.

How to Conceal Your Apartment’s Extra Pounds Using Storage

We know the common scenario: The junk is piling up and space is running out. We have all been through this routine umpteen times and living in an apartment with all this junk can prove challenging when looking for places to store things.

A Really Big Reason To Keep Your Apartment In Good Shape

There are a number of reasons to keep your apartment clean and in tip-top shape. You may want to impress guests or release that a messy apartment reflects a messy person…and noone wants to be known as that.

Perhaps it’s keeping away the bugs and the smell….ewww! Whatever your reason is for keeping your place clean, remember how important it is to do so. A clean apartment is a happy apartment.

Maid My Day – Quick Tip to A Clean Apartment

When you are getting ready to host pumpkin parties and what-nots around the holidays, hopefully, you’ve been able to get some cleaning done around your apartment. Sometimes however, time just doesn’t allow for cleaning among all those party preparing hours.

Easy Tips to Get Out Tough Stains

It happens to us all. One moment we’re enjoying a really tasty hot dog drenched in cheese, ketchup, and relish. Then suddenly, in slow motion, a huge drop of ketchup launches off the back end of the hot dog bun and plummets towards the floor ending with a splash on the carpet.

Uh, oh!

Your Apartment Deserves to Be Clean And Organized

Your closet is filled to the brim. Every time you open your apartment hall closet, something is falling out on you. Your cabinets won’t fit anymore stuff in them, but you just don’t want to give anything up…

Sound familiar?

Well…your possessions will only keep growing and your apartment is going to stay the same size. As hard as it may be to say good-bye to some of those old possessions like that old, worn out coat in the hall closet that doesn’t even fit anymore, you MUST!

Apartment Cleanliness is the Key

If cleanliness is the key, then what is the key to cleanliness? That’s an age old question….

I have heard a number of my Apartmentite friends complain about the bugs in their apartments and not seem to understand why these creatures hang around their place. Is it their charm? Their good looks? or are they messy apartment keepers and they don’t even realize it?


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