Moving With Ease: The Complete Checklist

Moving can be quite the challenge. Here’s the handy checklist to help you remember all of those pesky details.

Secure moving boxes at your local big box store for free! Always get more boxes than you think you will need.

Get quotes on renting a moving truck. To secure the best deal and get the best rate, plan on moving Sunday through Thursday. If someone else will be moving you, arrange for a quote with a personal meeting to review your belongings. Consider buying extra insurance if you’re concerned.

Pack up rooms that you use the least in advance. Set aside cleaning supplies and paper towels, toilet paper and a few bottles of water to take in the car with you to the new place.

Label all of your moving boxes accordingly to the room they will go in. Tell the movers to look for the labels, then place them in the room specified.

Mentally place your furniture in the new place. Then, sketch a draft on a floor plan of your new apartment and label each piece of furniture with a number. Photocopy for your movers and apply your numbering to your furniture with a fat piece of masking tape and a number. Have your movers place accordingly upon move in.

Once you secure your new apartment home, complete an address change form for your mail at Remember to also update your new address at your work place and on your driver’s license, insurance cards, magazine subscriptions, and with your best friends.

Call and arrange for your utilities to be switched to the new location preferably five days prior to your move.

Confirm two days prior to your move with your movers and friends (if they’re helping you move). Re-confirm delivery date of your furniture if moving across country.

Arrange for a friend to keep your pet on moving day if possible. Movers will be going in and out all day, so it will be hard to keep an eye on your pet.

Clean your old apartment as soon as it is empty. Remember to clean the oven (look for “self cleaning” instructions on many ovens), the refrigerator, vacuum, and dispose of stuff you don’t want to take with you in the dumpsters. Don’t forget to clear your garage, if you have one. You can be charged for leaving things in your apartment or garage. The goal: get your deposit back.

Order Pizza and have beer on hand to feed your family/friends moving crew. If you’re using movers, make sure to offer water or colas.

Walk your old apartment with the manager or assistant manager. Discuss where they may charge you. Ask for what you can expect to receive back of your deposit.

Send out your “I’ve just moved” note via email to all your friends! Tweet it loud!

Have fun in your new digs!

Hopefully this combined with our other moving tips will help you rock your move and you’ll be living it up in luxury in NO TIME!

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