Understanding the Leasing Process

The apartment leasing process can become quite confusing and overwhelming on your search for the perfect new place.

There are a number of items and information that you will need to bring with you and provide when you walk into that leasing office to apply to lease an apartment – so you’ll want to be prepared.

These items go beyond the obvious items that you’d think and having them handy will make you one step closer to leasing that perfect apartment.


Before heading to the leasing office, be sure to grab:
1) Form of state/government issued ID ie. drivers license, state ID, military ID, passport, or permanent resident card

2) Proof of income ie. most recent 3-5 paystubs including the newest one or with a new job you may be required to bring a letter on company letter head stating your salary

3) Names, dates, and addresses of your rental history over the past 2-3 years

4) Social security number

5) Make, model, and year of vehicle

6) Pet information

7) Emergency contact person information

8) Payment for the application fee, deposit, and other fees

Have fun and enjoy your journey! All the best!

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