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The 5 Important Steps of The Apartment Leasing Process

If you have never leased an apartment before and been through the process, it may seem a little confusing. Throughout the entire process from time to time, you may be left wondering, “what happens next?” This uncertainty can bring about a number of different emotional responses that may add to your stress level.

Fear not. At Apartment Home Living, we are all about reducing your stress level to the point of non-existence. To help you through this seemingly unknown process, we have compiled a quick list of what to expect and the steps you should be taking during the leasing process.

Signing Your Apartment Lease: The Basics

When your eyes peer over a lease for the first time before signing it, you tense up not wanting to miss any of the fine print. Leases can be similar, but they can also be very, very different.

Apartment leases must abide by state or local laws that govern both the resident’s and the landlord/management companies rights. These can include regulations on security deposit limits, the eviction process and what happens when a lease is broken.

Understanding the Leasing Process

The apartment leasing process can become quite confusing and overwhelming on your search for the perfect new place.

There are a number of items and information that you will need to bring with you and provide when you walk into that leasing office to apply to lease an apartment – so you’ll want to be prepared.

These items go beyond the obvious items that you’d think and having them handy will make you one step closer to leasing that perfect apartment.

Why Renewing is Way Better than Moving

To move or not to move. That is the question. To me, it isn’t too difficult a question. The answer is easy. DON’T MOVE. RENEW!

There are a vast number of reasons that it just plain works out better for you to renew your lease with your current apartment rather than move to another one.

Even if your rent is going up, renewing is the best option. Not only can it save you time, money, and energy, but it goes way beyond just that.

5 Ways to Evaluate Apartments Over the Phone

30347037You’ve looked up the information on thousands of apartments in catalogs and online. You’ve located the pictures, floor plans, maps, amenities, and details of the places you’re interested in. You’ve compiled the data for 10 communities to finally narrow the field and now comes….The phone call.

The dreaded phone call to find out about specific rental rates and to address all of those “call for specials” that you’ve gathered.

The key to success is in the phone call. The amateur apartment shopper begins the call cold, unprepared, fidgety, and nervous. “Do you have a one bedroom?” or “How much is your two-bedroom?” We’re here to help you be successful at finding the right apartment home by knowing what to ask.

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