Tips When Lounging Around the Community Pool

It’s time to soak up some sun! Living in an apartment community you have the benefit of not having to go very far to do so. How awesome is that?

One of the easiest and more obvious ways of enjoying the summer sun is to lounge out by your community pool. It’s time to try out that new swimsuit that you got on sale all the way back in November, but have not had the chance to wear. Mix up a batch of your famous margaritas, bring out the I-Pod, your new James Patterson book and whisk away to your special sunny place next to the pool.

When at the pool, keep in mind:

Sunscreen– I will say it millions of times…TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN! Be sure to cover all of the areas of skin that will be exposed to sun with sunscreen.

Towel On The Lounger– Keep a towel underneath you on the lounger. You never know who was there before. Ew! Plus, it keeps you from getting burned by the rubber straps on that bad boy

Remember There Are People Around– Unfortunately, this isn’t your private grotto, so be aware that other people are sharing the pool area with you. Especially if you are trying to avoid tan lines from your swimsuit straps…

Bug Spray– Skeeters love hanging out by the pool. You’ll want to make sure that you have sprayed to keep them from bothering you too much.

Want to try something other than the pool?

Get a Group together in the courtyard or open areas of the community and have fun like you did as a kid! Here’s how:

Freeze Tag– Play an old fashioned game of freeze tag except make things a little more complicated. Instead of freezing your entire body when you are tagged, you should have that individual body part freeze until someone else unfreezes you. So if you get your arm tagged, you can still run, but you can’t use that arm

Marco Polo-Hop in the pool for a game of marco polo! You’d be surprised how quickly you’ll get everyone involved.

Hide and Seek-Play a simple game of hide and seek, but spice things up by adding a water gun into the mix. Whoever is it has to get the others with water to not be it.

No matter what you are doing on the community, always remember that you need to be respectful and mindful of your neighbors. Don’t trespass on other peoples patios and try not to splash people at the pool.

Other than that…get outside and have some fun!

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