Spring Rules To Remember Around the Community

partySpring has finally arrived and there are becoming less and less reasons to stay inside the apartment. There is just nothing like a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze and a temperature in the upper 70s. As you are slowly making your way out of your winter hibernation, there are a few rules and tips that you should follow around an apartment community that will help make sure everyone has some good times in the sun.

Read up! You may have forgotten some of these during the long, cold winter indoors:

1. BBQ Pits & Grills- Most, if not all apartments do not allow you to have an open fire grill or pit on a covered patio. Remember to check with your management office on the rules and regulations regarding these things before you plan on having that birthday BBQ. Most communities have BBQ grills near the pool area where you can grill away with no fear. (Just remember to clean up after yourself)

2. Splish-Splash- It may be time to hit the pool, but it is definitely not time to go around splashing your fellow Apartment residents. Before jumping in be sure to check the pool rules on jumping and diving and then look around to make sure you aren’t going to splash some relaxing sunbathers with your cannonball.

3. Pets- Remember that as bad as they love the outdoors, your pets should never be left unattended outside. You should be with your pet at all times and in control of their actions. But with the added sunshine, you should for sure get outside and take Fido for a few extra walks.

4. Trash- Be cautious not to ruin the beauty of spring by leaving your trash out. Take it to the dumpster or only put it out in the morning of trash day. Leaving trash bags out for an extended or overnight period makes your place look unattractive and also draws the attention of unwanted animals.

5. Storage- Remember you have that storage closet on the patio or extra room in the coat closet by the front door. Be sure to put all of those extra winter blankets and decorations up in there.


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