Loud Neighbors? Check This Out…

Does it often sound like your upstairs neighbor either runs an underground Wrestling federation, trains elephants, or is a giant who plays a whole lot of Dance, Dance, Revolution with heavily weighted clown shoes?

My upstairs neighbor at the last apartment that I lived in was constantly so incredibly loud that it drove me nuts. I tried many tactics to filter out the noise. I turned up my music to try and drown it out, but that never worked and I think it may have actually bothered another neighbor. I wore earplugs while I was sleeping, but the vibration of the pounding above me still woke me throughout the night. Honestly, I don’t think these people ever slept

That can be a tricky situation. Personally, I would go to them directly, but make sure to be very friendly about it. If you haven’t met them, introduce yourself and then in a nice way let them know that sometimes because the floor is thin, you can hear pounding around and it disturbs your soaps. But make sure to not come across as confrontational. The last thing you really want is to make enemies with a neighbor that you’ll have to spend the next year or so living next to. Going straight to the office and getting them fined or calling the cops before ever letting them know personally that they are being loud is sure to make them highly resentful and possibly seek revenge.


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