Etiquette In The Fitness Center

36753390If your community has a state of the art fitness center (which most of them do), it’s time for you to take full advantage.

Don’t waste money and time driving to a big expensive gym, when you have everything that you will need to get in shape and stay that way included in the cost of rent and right there in your own community.

There are a few simple rules of etiquette that you and your neighbors should follow when working out in your apartment’s fitness center.

1. Wipe It Down– Some communities will supply this, but if not, bring a small towel or old cloth with you that you can wipe the machines down when you get done with your work out. Nothing is more gross than getting on a machine, sticking your hands on the handles, and realizing that you just pressed your clean hands on someone else’s nasty sweat. So be kind and wipe your machines down.

2. No Body Thinks You’re Cool if you are slamming weights around with the loud clang. In fact, they may think that it is more of a nuisance when you make that noise. If you can’t control it while you lift it, you should take some weight off. Dropping the weights down do no good for you or anyone else and can even lead to injury.

3. Replace Your Weights– Make sure and put the weights back on the rack when you finish working with them. Don’t just leave them on the floor for someone to trip over.

4. Volume– When you get done with your workout and are headed home, make sure you turn the volume down on the television or radio if you were the only one using it. I’ve walked into the fitness center a few times to a blasting TV and noone in there. Not fun for my ears.

5. Share– Remember that you and those around you in the fitness center are all neighbors, so share the weights and machines if need be. Be kind to your neighbors. Who knows, You might make a good friend!

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