Big Apartment Living Rule # 1: Don’t Be Trashy

There are not many things that you can do that bother both the apartment managers and your neighbors more than leaving full trash bags by your front door or on your front porch.

If you have door front trash pick up and you put it out on the correct morning (NOT THE NIGHT BEFORE) than that should be the only exception.

There are a number of reasons that leaving your trash out overnight or at inappropriate times is unacceptable.

First of all, at most communities there are terms within the lease that specify if you leave your trash out, you may be fined a certain amount. Because these are in the lease…these fines are required and can be taken care of legally if left unpaid. This means that, left unpaid, these balances could lead to eviction.

Is it really that difficult to walk that trash bag to the dumpster? I think not. No more excuses about not wanting to miss your favorite show…with TIVO and DVR you can just pause it and run the trash out to where it belongs.

Another huge reason to keep your trash in the dumpster or in doors are animals! Cats, dogs, racoons, rats, birds, squirrels, bugs and other vermin love it when you leave out your trash. It attracts them to your doorstep to wait for you to leave your next bag of trashy goodness that they can root around in for a meal. If you want more bugs to come around, leaving your trash out is a good way to do it. If you want less bugs and less of a chance of mice…TAKE YOUR TRASH OUT!

Leaving trash out can also promote health issues as bacteria grows in the old food and such while the outside heat bakes the trash bag. You should also remember not to leave your trash out on your patio or balcony. Vermin and creatures can get there too. Not only that, but it trash on the patio makes people look filthy.

So please do you part in keeping the community clean and only leave your trash out at appropriate times and keep in indoors or at the dumpster at all other times.

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