Apartment Parking Lot Etiquette

All in all, apartment parking lot etiquette seems like it would be simple…right?


After observation over many years of my various apartment communities’ parking lots, I have come to the conclusion that not everyone may have knowledge of the rules, regulations, and general niceties that come with sharing a massive parking lot.

We’re here to help. There are some very simple ideas and tips to follow when parking at an apartment community that can make storing your vehicle easier for you and the residents around you.

Assigned Parking– One thing to always be aware of is if a community has assigned parking. Lots with awnings, usually are marked with numbers and these are assigned to particular residents of that apartment. You should avoid parking in these spaces at all costs. Even if you notice that no one ever seems to park in space “107”, you should park in your assigned spot. Parking in the wrong assigned spot can cause a domino effect of residents parking or the assigned resident might even call to have you towed. So pay attention and park in your own spot or general shared spaces…not the assigned ones.

No Double Parking– I assure you that parking your car at an angle and taking up more than one spot will do you more harm than good. This action is more likely to anger other parkers who can’t find a space, which can end in your car being towed or worse. Sure, your tricked out Honda Civic is a really great car, but keep it in one space please.

Private Property– Remember that the other residents’ vehicles are their own private property. Be respectful of this and try not to lean on, sit on, or damage someone else’s vehicle. You should also keep in mind that vandalism is unacceptable at all times for any reason. Even if you are really peeved at that double parked Civic, vandalism is NOT an option and is prosecutable by law. There are sometimes security cameras and a good number of witnesses around at a community, so be respectful of other resident’s property.

Slow it Down– The speed bumps that are found throughout the drive aren’t made to be jumps. The speed bumps are their to slow you down. Remember that there are often families with kids that live in apartments too. Kids, animals, adults, and other cars can dart out into the drive or around the corner. If you are going to fast, you might not have time to react and can cause a really bad accident or worse. So, please, slow it down.

Accidents Happen– We all know that from time to time accidents happen. Whether you bump another car while opening your car door or some other accident, be a responsible resident and leave your information on a piece of paper under their windshield wiper or if you know which apartment they live in, drop by and let them know what happened. Trust me, its better to let them know this way than to have them find out it was you from another witness or worse…the law.

If every single resident were to follow these very easy and respectful rules when parking at their communities, parking would be a simple and headache free endeavor.

(Oh and never park in a handicap space unless you have a handicap pass or sticker)

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