3 Steps In Preparing For Trick-or-Treaters

When Hallow’s Eve falls upon you,it’ll be time for trick or treaters to swarm by your apartment doorstep in search of the ever so sugary treasure – candy. You must be prepared!

The best way to prepare yourself and your apartment for the onslaught of costumed visitors requires three important steps:

Get In Costume
This can be a challenging requirement. Finding the right costume takes hours and hours of consideration and concentration. You must select something that will give your visitors a tiny bit of fright, but doesn’t make them run screaming from your doorstep. A ghost or a ghoul is always a safe bet, but if you let your creativity run free, I’ll bet you can come up with an incredible costume idea.

Have a Huge Bowl of Candy
This is a must. You need to have a bowl of some type of treat to give the critters as they creep by your door. Don’t skimp on the candy either. Kids will rue you as the nasty neighbor if you give them a cheap, no-name candy or something that they don’t agree with. Giving out something tasty and popular will assure you instant fame among the trick or treating clans. Be very very careful though. I remember getting a roll of pennies one year. That was terrible and damaging to my development as a young child. Please do NOT give out the change from your couch.

Have Fun
You must take every knock at your door as an opportunity for humor. Laughter will get you through the night. Although it may be aggravating to have people coming by after your 9 PM bedtime, you have to remember that it will only happen once a year. Enjoy yourself and let out your inner kid. If you don’t, it’s going to be a long night!

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