3 Quick Tips on Keeping the Noise Down & Not Bothering Your Neighbors

Ever had upstairs neighbors who were in an awesome rock band, yet seemed to rehearse above you late hours into the night? Or if not that, perhaps you’ve had a neighbor who has been binge watching the latest action drama on very loud speakers that are shaking the frames off your wall? Most people have at some point dealt with a neighbor who had noise levels a little higher than necessary. (Or – they’ve been that person themselves!)

It’s always a great idea to keep in mind these few ideas on being considerate of your neighbors by keeping down the noise in your apartment.

Rehearsal Space For Your Band– Rehearsing in your apartment should not be an option whatsoever. No matter what instrument you are jamming with…you are disturbing your neighbors. Instead, look into renting a rehearsal space. Most major cities have rent-able spaces that are made for rehearsing. You might also try renting a storage unit and using that as your rehearsal space. The easiest though, is to hope that one of your band members or groupies is a home owner and has a garage that you can convert into your rehearsal studio. Whatever you do…stop jamming in your apartment.

Nix the Surround Sound– Love playing video games or watching movies with you surround sound speakers on full blast? Well stop! You have neighbors. Instead, look into a set of bluetooth stereo headphones. They plug a transmitter into your stereo and transmit a signal to the headphones for you to turn up as loud as you want without bothering anyone else. I know that surround system is awesome, but not appropriate for an apartment at loud levels.

Bass Is A No No Listening to music and such from your computer or stereo can be okay if you keep it at an appropriate level and ALWAYS turn down the bass to a reasonable level. Bass is the neighbor headache maker. If you are blasting the bass, you will be much more likely to get a noise complaint.

It’s pretty simple really. Think outside of the box and be considerate of your neighbors when dealing with sounds in your apartment. No noise complaints means no fines…and no trouble and neighbors who like you much much better.

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