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Questions You Should Ask Your Movers



It can be challenging to select the best movers to help you move to your new apartment. Some come highly rated by many people, while others have few ratings out there, but seem like they will be pretty good. Nothing is better when choosing a moving company than talking to them directly to see what kind of info and feeling you get from them. Here are some questions to ask them:

Moving With Ease: The Complete Checklist

Moving can be quite the challenge. Here’s the handy checklist to help you remember all of those pesky details.

Moving On Up To A Deluxe Apartment: Tips On Adjusting From A Small Town To Big City Living

Moving from a small town to a big city is an exciting new adventure that can really open your eyes to a varying number of surprising new things that you might need to adjust to.

Cliché as it may be, this move will have a person truly become a “small fish in a big pond.” And in some cases in some cities…that pond can even be more like an ocean!

The Little Things to Remember During Your Move

A change of address that is miles away from your previous apartment, can be a hectic move. I have moved from city to city and half way across the country a few times and from experience I can tell you that this process can be difficult.

Some of the little things that must be taken care of after a big move can be forgotten in the excitement of adjusting to your new surroundings.

6 Timeless Quick Moving Tips

19166343With a little strategizing and ingenuity, the search for your new apartment and the moving process need not drain your finances. Here are 6 timeless tips to help you find easier and save you money on your next apartment.

3 Essential Rules of Having A Simple Move

For some Apartment-ites moving to a new apartment is quite a chore. It takes many hours and is a long, arduous process from the planning and packing to the moving and unpacking. Okay…it’s like that for ALL of us…unless you can hire someone to move and set up everything for you….

Most of us are on a budget and don’t have the cash to blow on a moving company to do all the work for us, so what can we do?

How To Find Moving Boxes

How to Move With Ease – A few Tips on Moving

We all dread the terrible, headache causing move, don’t we?

I know I do. That’s why I try to stay in my apartments as long as I can before needing to move anywhere else. Plus, its kind of fun to get to know the management team, neighbors, and the neighborhood. None the less though, from time to time as Apartmentites we have to move. Whether the reason is a good one or a bad one, the time comes for us to move on to hopefully bigger and better places.

Apartment Moving Gone Crazy: Tips For An Easy Move

With a little strategy and ingenuity, the entire moving process from the exciting apartment search to the exhausting move, can actually be quite painless and buckets of fun. Proper planning with the following 3 tips is the secret ingredient to a stress-free move that will leave you enjoying a warm cup of coffee on your comfy couch in your brand spanking new apartment as soon as you can click your heels together and say, “There’s no place like home.”


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