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Adding Some Spring Flavor To Your Apartment

Decorating can be just like picking an outfit to wear. Seasons can effect what is “in” and what is “out.” So don’t get caught off guard this Spring/Summer and pay close attention, as I am going to give you some tips for decorating your apartment this season.

Buckle Up!

Random Solutions From Common Household Items

I’m sure that we have all found little random other uses for items that were not their intentional use. There are a ton of them out there. Coca Cola used to clean off rust, a hair dryer used to dry glue or an old box covered in a blanket to make an end table.

I have found a few more items that can be used in multiple ways to help you around the apartment. Check it!

Apartment Decorations For the Playfully Energetic

Okay, so at this point I think it is safe to admit that there is a huge variety of things that people “Live 4” out there, but one specific “live for” is our motto around here and it rings true with just about everyone…(except those sad and fore-lorn emo-kids.) We (most of us at least) Live for Fun!

So why not let it show in your apartment decorations too? Here are a few simple ideas to help you decorate your apartment to reflect playfulness and energy.

Getting Great Color Patterns For Cheap

We all want our apartment to stand out from the run of the mill places that can be drab and a bore. Adding colorful and unique patterns throughout your humble abode will bode well with those who judge you by your apartment style.

If decoration and style is a key to your apartment happiness, how can it be achieved on a modest budget? Okay, I guess there’s no need to sugar coat this. How can you make your apartment decoration rock and keep things cheap?

Much Ado About Wall Art

moving-hangingBecause of landlord and property management’s guidelines, sometimes wall decorating in an apartment can be challenging. Before making any decorating decisions, be sure to check your lease or check with you apartment management professional to find out the rules regarding: painting your walls and hanging things.

Once you determined the set rules and begin your ever so engaging search for art, keep several tips for [BREAK] picking and placing your art in mind to really get the most out of your decorating and impress your guests.

Some Shelving Space In Your Apartment

Need some shelving space for your sweet apartment? Get free standing shelving units that you can pack up and move easily from places like Target or DYI furniture stores like Ikea. They’re affordable, really easy to put together, and give you a great spot to store stuff.

Apartment Cleanliness is the Key

If cleanliness is the key, then what is the key to cleanliness? That’s an age old question….

I have heard a number of my Apartmentite friends complain about the bugs in their apartments and not seem to understand why these creatures hang around their place. Is it their charm? Their good looks? or are they messy apartment keepers and they don’t even realize it?

Building The Perfect Entertainment System

The perfect entertainment system is the key to movie, tv, sports watching or video gaming experience. I am honestly suprised at the number of people out there who think that a movie is just a movie no matter how you are viewing it.

How wrong that is. And how simple it is to set up a great entertainment system in your apartment.

Toilet Repair at Your Apartment

As a valued apartment resident, I wanted to give you a quick tip on what to do if the toilet in your apartment seems to be overflowing.

We’ve all been there. You flush the handle and watch in anxiety as the water rises higher and higher with no recession in sight. Your breathing gets quicker and the panicky feeling sets in as you utter the words, “Oh! Crap!” (No pun intended.)

How To Get Rid of Telemarketers


They constantly tend to interrupt our dinners in our apartments or our relaxation time by calling our home phone lines and sometimes our cell phones, trying to sell us something that we are never going to buy or take a survey that we could care less about.

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