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Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Many bedrooms tend to get neglected. Get your minds out of the gutter, I’m talking about through decoration. My first apartment bedroom was so boring that it would put you to sleep…no pun intended….

Many people honestly think that all you need is a bed, a bed stand, an alarm clock, and a dresser for your bedroom to be good to go. That’s awesome if you want your bedroom being as boring a hospital room.

5 Awesome Things To Place On Your Apartments Coffee Table

I’ve seen my fair share of empty coffee tables or ones containing the weirdest things. Maybe some apartmentites out there need a little guidance or ideas for ways to decorate their living room centerpieces and make them shine.

Check out the Top Five Things To Place On Your Apartments Coffee Table:

A Guide to Mirrorizing Your Apartment

From time to time, an apartment may feel small. In all honesty, if you look at the square footage between a three bedroom apartment and a three bedroom house, you’ll find that they aren’t far off from one another.

Some of us, however, have no need for three bedrooms at this point and choose to live in a lavish and wonderful one bedroom pad. I have found a plethora of techniques to making a smaller apartment have a much grander feel.

10 New Years Resolutions For Your Apartment

With a new year comes a whole slew of resolutions to improve yourself and those around you next year. It all starts with setting New Years resolutions for your apartment living.

I can see it now…all of the gyms are suddenly overcrowded until…January 11th. Cigarette and liquor sales go down nearly 65 % for…oh…about….4 days. Your Credit Card payment nearly doubles for the month of January, but come Valentines day, you end up owing more than you did at the turn of the New Year.

Hosting An Impromtu Late Night Party

336053RKTRGB75Happy Hour is over at midnight and your place is the suggested location for your group to continue the evening of fun and to “straighten up” before hitting the road all the way home.

This could be a sticky situation if you aren’t prepared. So, here are 7 easy tips to successfully hosting an impromptu after party.

Fees, Fees, Fees, & Fines, Fines, Fines When It Comes to Apartments

money_vice_clampFees will range depending on the rules set by a particular community, but as a general rule you will find the following fees in place at most apartment communities. Be sure and keep yourself a handy copy of your lease agreement as that little packet of paper should contain information on all the fees that you may have to watch out for.

3 Easy Ways to keep Your Computer Up to Date

Apartment Gadgets You Shouldn’t Live Without

These days everyone is investing in improving their Home Theater system with new flat screens, high tech video game systems, HD DVD players and such. But if you really want to make your apartment the desired hang out spot and impress your friends, you’ll want to go beyond just beefing up the movie watching experience.

After a brainstorming session with a few friends, I have 5 additions to the rest of your apartment that’ll be sure to leave your friends nodding in a approval and make your place the place to be.

Top Decorating Tips For Your Apartment

If your place looks good, you feel good. It’s as simple as that.

We’ve posted a few articles on lavishizing your place, but I wanted to post a few more apartment friendly decorating ideas on making your digs a little less bare and a lot more lavish.

Top 5 Unique Apartment Pets

pug-smNothing makes apartment living fun like a playful pet. Fido and Felix bring a number of new elements to an apartment other than the additional smell. On any given day pets add companionship, humor, personality, and tons of fun to even the most monotonous dwellings. Although dogs and cats lead the pack of domesticated pals there are a number of untraditional, unique, and exotically extravagant creatures available. So, if you are seeking a cute, small, or just out of the ordinary companion check out the little buggers that round out my list of Top Five Unique Apartment Pets.

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