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Keeping Your Place Ready For Guests

Every now and then I pick up some great tips and ideas to help give my place that clean, gleaming feel with as little stress as possible. Cleaning and keeping your apartment in tip-top guest shape can be an overwhelming thought when you are limited for time. Then, sometimes, no matter how hard you clean and try to keep your place in shape, it just gets out of shape again…

Here are a couple of tips to help you keep your place suited for visitors and keep them from going “Ewww.”

How to Get An Apartment Workout In Limited Space

36753390Limited for space, but want to get a good workout In your Apartment? You could always go to the fitness center if your community has one. That’s what it’s there for and is usually top of the line.

But if you are truly more comfortable and want to work out in your actual apartment. There are a few ideas that you should keep in mind as you are burning the calories and pumping up those muscles.

PB & J: The Ultimate In Cheap Apartment Meals

When is the last time that you got food all over you? I have to admit, I’m a sloppy eater. I have food on me right now. A little jelly from my morning PB & J in fact. The PB & J is the ultimate apartment meal. Easy to make, cheap, and tasty.

Apartment Living Room Campout

A quick, cheap, and easy way to have fun in your apartment!

Don’t Forget To Change The Little Things Around the Apartment

Does your AC seem to not cool as well as it used to? Seeing a ton of dust around? It’s your air filter.

Air filters get dirty, it’s a matter of fact. And I am not talking about your car’s air filter, I am talking about your apartment’s AC filter.

Apartment Gourmet On the Cheap: Bean Dip and Pop Tarts

Okay. Now I am going to need you to be very open minded on this one. I need you to come with me on a little journey. A journey with a very unconventional, yet very easy recipe fit for any hungry apartment resident.

On the surface this simple combination of foods may sound disgusting, but if you suspend your natural gag-reflex reaction to it and give it a shot, you’ll find an incredibly tasty snack that any fast paced resident can eat on the go.

Easy Tips to Get Out Tough Stains

It happens to us all. One moment we’re enjoying a really tasty hot dog drenched in cheese, ketchup, and relish. Then suddenly, in slow motion, a huge drop of ketchup launches off the back end of the hot dog bun and plummets towards the floor ending with a splash on the carpet.

Uh, oh!

5 Tips for a Sweeter Shower: A How To

woman_in_bubblebath_2How messy is the shower in your apartment? Do you have haircare product bottles, soap, puffs, shaving cream, razors and who knows what else lining the base of your tub?

You name it…we’ve seen it. And if you have found yourself in the situation, we are here to help. The shower/bathtub is often over looked as a part of the apartment that needs a little decorator’s touch or some storage help.

These 5 tips will help you, your roommates, and whoever else may find themselves getting clean in your apartment enjoy a sweeter shower.

Quick Apartment Decorating Tips: Accents, Accents, and More Accents

Want to add some extra flavor to a somewhat boring room?

Apartment Gourmet On the Cheap: Fancy Ranchy Ramen

I know it sounds disgusting, but check this out. I discovered this recipe from none other than the classiest of classy folks – a friend of mine who loves ranch dressing so much, you’d think he had his entire life’s savings invested in it. He puts it on everything. And by everything, I mean…everything.

Here’s the low down: I know that sometimes apartment residents like to budget in some areas to free up the cash flow in others, so why not do it in your dining?

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