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5 Excellent Tips to Hosting A Successfully Entertaining Party

partyI hate to say it and sound like a social biscuit, but my social calendar is ridiculously booked. This weekend I traveled out of state to attend a friend’s birthday bonanza. Honestly, there was a birthday, but I was looking all over for the bonanza. I was sorely disappointed when his apartment was littered with 20 party hungry guests and he resorted to putting on old college videos that only 2 people knew anything about.

10 Great Uses for Those Plastic Shopping Bags

recycleMany of us have them by the hundreds. They pile up in our pantries because we just can’t seem to throw them away. If only it were some type of currency, it may solve our nation’s debt issues.

It’s the plastic shopping bag.

It’s time to get those creative juices flowing. We know those little bags are re-usable, which is why we stuff them on a shelf in the pantry or under the sink. But what can we use them for?

The Secret To A Cheaper Water Bill

Recently my monthly water bill nearly doubled. I didn’t think I was using any more water than before, so I knew it wasn’t a change in my usage that was causing it. I’m in a building at my apartment community that has 4 different units sharing one water meter, so every month the management splits the total bill for the building up 4 ways and sends us the bill.

Pay Attention To Your Apartment – Solve Basic Apartment Problems

Just like you do, your apartment has needs! Sometimes these needs can go unnoticed and if not dealt with properly eventually could turn into problems. Some of these things you can take care of yourself, but a few are things that need to be handled by the management or maintenance team.

Often they will come upon these needs without you having to give them notice, but from time to time you might have to let them know first. This is why it is important to pay attention to your apartment’s needs.

So what are these needs?

Kicking it Old School: How to Go Retro in Your Apartment

Rumor has it that you like to kick it “Old School” style. Well, why not let your Apartment reflect it?

Tips For Cleaning Your Closet

Let’s take a journey through what an image of havoc, mayhem, and disarray my closet has looked like recently.

Ever seen the streets of Times Square in New York after New Years Eve? Imagine bottles, trash, and debris from tens of thousands of people having a massive party in the streets, trampling over garbage and each other, and no one cleaning anything up. Then imagine a small tornado came through and mixed up all of that chaos a little more, spreading it around so the asphalt underneath is scarcely viewable by the naked eye. That’s about what the floor of my bedroom closet looked like with clothes (both clean and dirty), hangers, and who knows what else strewn about.

Energy Saving Tip: Foil On Your Windows

Looking for a couple of ways to save on energy bills in your apartment this summer? Think about these:

Foil on the windows looks trashy. We know this to be true. Many communities may not even allow you to do this, but placing foil over your windows can help reflect the sun and keep your apartment cooler.

It won’t leave you with much of a view when looking out of your apartment window, but it may help you see a difference in your energy bill. Just be sure to check with your community to make sure this would be allowed before you go covering all of your windows.

5 Seriously Easy Ideas to Freshen Up Your Living Room

Ever get so tired of the same layout in your apartment everyday that you constantly shuffle things around to make them seem different? I know I do. These 5 seriously easy ideas can help give a brand new feel to a stale living room for very little money in almost no time.

How to Conceal Your Apartment’s Extra Pounds Using Storage

We know the common scenario: The junk is piling up and space is running out. We have all been through this routine umpteen times and living in an apartment with all this junk can prove challenging when looking for places to store things.

Want The Perfect Apartment Living Room? Check This Out!

During our waking hours, the one area of the apartment that more than likely we spend the majority of our time in is… the living room. This wonderful room of joy goes by a plethora of different nicknames including, but not limited to the den, entertainment room, family room, lounge, sitting room, or TV room. The names go on and on…

No matter what you call the main room of your apartment that houses the couch, TV, coffee table, and lamp, it’s imperative that it’s layout and design be perfect for maximum results and excellent relaxation and entertainment.

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