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How to Patch Up Holes in Your Wall

patchingYou had some posters and frames hung up on the walls with tacks and nails, but now you’ve decided to redesign your place, take them down, and move a few onto a different wall in your apartment. The problem is: those nasty looking holes are still there…staring at you…laughing in that hole in the wall sort of way.

You’d love to patch them up and forget about them, but aren’t exactly sure how. Learning is worth it though because you’ll have less to worry about when you one day, many years down the linemove into a different place.

As always, we’re here to help you! Our apartment hole patching up experts, whom bear the title “Ap-hole-patch-perts,” have come up with a “how to” check list to help you get those holes fixed in no time!

Spread Some Happiness with the Color in Your Apartment

Color matters and I have said a number of times that what color you use makes a huge difference in the feel your apartment gives off.

Not only should a room in your apartment look good, but it should also make you feel good. When picking colors for your walls, make sure to pick paint colors that appeal to your emotions.

Check out these ideas for colors that I like best for certain rooms:

How to Have a Clutter Free Apartment

banner-01-bgClutter is a very common problem among every single apartment resident that I have ever come across in my entire life. It’s perfectly natural, but the bad part is: it spreads! Then before you know
it, you have tons of clutter of junk that you don’t really need piling up all over your apartment. We clutch on to these things for dear life for reasons that seem beyond our control.

Are they truly beyond our control? Heck no! So why do we hang on to these things and let the clutter build? There are three main reasons:

Finding True Happiness On the Top Floor

Living on the third floor at your apartment can at times be frustrating, especially when you are trying to lug groceries or furniture up three flights of stairs. However, as frustrating as it may be from time to time, there are some really great bonuses to living on the top floor.

No Neighbors Above You
You will never have any upstairs neighbors pounding on the ground and bothering you with noise. If you start hearing noises above you, it could only be either thunder or some really big squirrels. You also don’t have to worry about an upstairs neighbor dumping liquid or a cooler full of ice over the balcony passed your balcony.

Food On A Budget-Ready-Made Tacos

Tacos, refried beans and rice on a plate

Look, I know June is more than halfway done. Payday is 10 days away. Most Apartmentites are running out of cash and you are making sure to have enough for rent and bills at the first of the month. I know how it is because I’ve been there.

Making Great Chicken Parmesan In Your Apartment

As apartment residents, we’re commonly on the run. We’re limited at times on funds, time, and kitchen space to prepare massive extravagant meals. However, there are a few shortcuts to major recipes and a ton of other tasty, quick, easy, light on the pocket book recipes out there that are awesome for the apartment chef!

Want a quick Italian dish for limited space and limited funds?

Checklist For A Fully Furnished Room: The Kitchen

So the kitchen really doesn’t need a lot of furniture, but it needs something more along the lines of appliances and tools. Some Apartmentites think all they need is a coffee machine, but that is far from the truth.

Your apartment kitchen serves so many more purposes than just being a place to brew your coffee and grab a cereal bar. It’s a place to entertain, prepare for your day, relax in the evening, and to become a king or queen of cleaning.

Checklist For A Fully Furnished Room: The Bedroom

Yesterday I covered all of the essential items that you will need to complete your new apartment’s living room set. No living room is complete however without a complimentary complete bedroom to match.

What types of things do you need for the bedroom in your apartment?

Checklist For A Fully Furnished Room: The Bathroom

It’s time to hook up the bathroom in your apartment. I am not talking about making the plumbing work as hopefully that has already been done. Rather, I’m talking about getting all the pieces you need to fully furnish and decorate the room where you bathe and brush your teeth, among other things.

But, I digress. Here is the list of all the items that you will need to make your apartment bathroom complete:

Checklist For A Fully Furnished Room: The Living Room

So you have recently moved into your new apartment and now comes the time to fill it up with all the right pieces. Maybe not. Maybe you have been living there for a long time, but want to make sure you have all the right stuff.

Well whatever the case, you may need a little help out on knowing what exactly to get for what room. We will start with the most communal place in the apartment, the living room. There are a number of elements that you will need to put together that go beyond the obvious. Follow this checklist and you should be good to go.

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