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How to Get Better Sleep in Your Apartment

Getting good sleep may be one of the most important factors on happiness, health, and hanging on to those youthful good looks that you have. If only if it were as easy as being a cat….

Living in an apartment gives you an opportunity to get better sleep than any other living situation. It’s warmer than a cardboard box. It’s your own place, so Mom doesn’t come screaming about breakfast when you are trying to sleep. Most importantly, you don’t have to lose sleep about the money that you are spending on repairs and maintenance to a home you own. All you have to do is call the office.

It’s little known, but I am actually an expert on sleep. There are a few things out there that can help you sleep more soundly at night in your apartment.

How to Prepare Your Apartment For Freezing Temperatures

Maybe you are just now experiencing winter this year or maybe you are in an area that’s been hit several times by the freezes, ice overs and wintery mixes. There are a number of things that you can keep in mind to help make your apartment life a lot easier during these times of cold.

A Few Tips For Maximizing Room In Your Studio Apartment

No bedrooms? No problem.

Decorating a studio apartment is easy! The key is to always be thinking of ways to maximize your space. Efficiency is where it’s at…no pun intended.

Go Green with Your Spring Cleaning

The whole world is going green. Which is great because it may be necessary to do that for the whole world to continue existing. UK based Greenbottle has developed a biodegradable milk carton, made of recycled card board and a bio-degradable plastic inner liner made from corn starch. Recycling solutions like this are popping up everywhere!

Television Stand vs Wall Mount In Your Apartment

tvWhat’s best in an apartment…hanging the flat-screen on the wall or putting it on a stand? Either way looks great when you are watching it, but they both have some hidden issues that should be weighed before the decision is made.

How to Save Energy Around the Apartment

There are a number of great ways to save on energy around your apartment that range from inexpensive for those on a limited budget to those who can spend whatever they wish.

If you are going to be living there for several years, spending any type of money on energy saving things should be looked at as a good investment. Remember though, if you install anything in your apartment that is a permanent fixture like storm windows or a super cool thermostat, you’ll have wanted to check with your apartment manager to make sure this was okay first. They may also require that you leave it when you leave.

Christmas Tree Ideas For Your Apartment

Is it really already Christmas tree time again!?! Man, is time flying by as I get older. Sounds so cliche’, but so true. OK, well let’s accept it and move on. The time has come to put up a tree.Again.

For those of us who are allergic, have family who are, or have animals that just love lapping up a real tree’s water, it always seems slightly discouraging to find a really great tree to pop up in the corner of your apartment and decorate. Heck, some apartments won’t even allow real trees. You could always go with one of the old trusty “fake-o-trees”, but they just seems to be made of cheap plastic and don’t seem to spread the holiday feeling and cheer that you’re looking for. So, what can you do?

Thanksgiving Meal Check List

Ready for Thanksgiving? Do you have your turkey, your guests, and all of your other recipes in order? What are you waiting for? It’s only a week away!

If you are entertaining at your apartment for Thanksgiving this year, you seriously better get to cracking. Trust me…you don’t want to wait until the last minute to get things done because if you do…your life is going to get extremely difficult.

How to Make Your Apartment Holiday Ready

Getting ready for the holidays around your apartment can be challenging. I’ve compiled a list of items from lighting to having kids around that you should keep in mind while preparing for the holiday season.

Making Your Apartment Bedroom The Type Of Bedroom You Can Dream About

I’ve seen it a thousand times. Bed centered on one wall. TV centered on a dresser about 2 feet from the foot of the bed. A bedside table or box used as a bedside table with an alarm clock, an empty glass, a book that never gets read, and random trinket to the left of the bed and blinds over the window.

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