Top Tips For A Great Apartment Bathroom

Bathrooms can get cluttered and really start to look messy from time to time. It is in fact one of the most trafficked rooms in your apartment, so it can be a true measure of your cleanliness.

If a guest sees a cluttered and dirty bathroom they may think the same about you. There are a number of easy ways to keep your apartment bathroom clean and clutter free that go way beyond just simply wiping everything down.

De-clutterizing everything starts with one thing: storage. Here are a few easy tips to declutter and clean your apartment bathroom.

Back of The Door
There is a ton of storage room in unused spaces. The most commonly unused storage space in an apartment bathroom is the back of the door. It’s simple. Add some hooks to hang up your towels. You could even cover it with magnetic paint and use magnetic disks and such. You may even be able to hang some magnetic hanging bins and such for extra storage.

Vertical Storage
Much like the back of the door, vertical storage adds a huge benefit to getting room out of things. WIth horizontal storage you eat up more floor space and such.

Oversized Baskets
Try using oversized baskets next to the toilet, on the sink, or the back of the toilet. These baskets offer more room to store things, taking less room elsewhere.

Keep things In Baskets
Place small baskets on the countertops to house all of your everyday items like toothpaste, brushes, hair clips, make up, deodorant, etc. Don’t just let it all sprawl out all over the counter.

Clean Bathmats
Switch out your bathmat every so often and wash the one that is not being used. Many apartment-ites have a tendency to leave the same bathmat on the ground forever and just forget about it. Not good. Keep things clean!

General Wiping
And no, I am not talking about when you go the bathroom. I am talking about wiping down your counters, toilet, sink, towel rods…everything. Clean the mirrors….Just try your best to keep things spot free and of the color it is supposed to be.

Taking care of the bathroom is simple, just takes a little extra time….AND NEVER LEAVE AN EMPTY ROLL ON THE TOILET PAPER HOLDER. That is the cardinal sin of the bathroom…and looks like utter trash.

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