How to Prepare Your Apartment For Freezing Temperatures

Maybe you are just now experiencing winter this year or maybe you are in an area that’s been hit several times by the freezes, ice overs and wintery mixes. There are a number of things that you can keep in mind to help make your apartment life a lot easier during these times of cold.

Drip, Drip, Drip– First off, protect those pipes! If you are expecting an overnight freeze, it is very important to leave one of your sinks dripping to prevent the pipes from freezing, busting, and your apartment building having a terrible leak.

Plants are People Too– Okay, so plants aren’t really people of course, but they are effected by freezes just as we are and can in fact be killed by being stuck out in the freezing cold. So, if you have plants on your porch, you’ll want to bring them inside if possible. If you can’t bring them inside, cover them with some bed sheets, to try and help sheild them from the blistering cold.

Pets– Bring any and all pets inside. Just because they have fur, means nothing in the face of a wintery mix.

Heaters– Crank up the heaters to be safe. With a central heating unit you should be in good shape, but to prevent your electric bill from sky rocketing, be sure to turn off the heater when your apartment is not being occupied. Try not using space heaters if possible, but if you do, always remember to use them safely!

Layers and Blankets– Break out the ugly old ski jacket or the millions of blankets. Whatever you need to do to maintain your comfort, do it! Trust me, staying warm is well worth the embarrasment of a silly old jacket, or the work of getting your old heavy blankets out of storage.

Parking Lot Care– If the roads freeze over and you absolutely must drive on the iced roads, use extreme caution everywhere…especially in the parking lot of your apartments. Let your car heat up a little before you begin driving and be careful if you are sliding around in the parking lot.

Many of us love the winter, but we ALL need to take the right precautions and most importantly, be cautious of the dangers and prepared to overcome them. Enjoy the winter! I know I will.

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