How to Make Your Apartment Holiday Ready

Getting ready for the holidays around your apartment can be challenging. I’ve compiled a list of items from lighting to having kids around that you should keep in mind while preparing for the holiday season.

You may not realize it, but candles (if allowed by your apartments) can be a safety hazard that you must be aware of. Never leave a candle burning when you are leaving the apartment or going to sleep. All it takes is one random act of nature to knock the candle over and send your place ablaze. Also, be very aware of your candle placement. Candles near the Christmas tree or the Menorah near the curtains = bad! Make sure to keep an eye on your pets around open flames as well. I had a cat once who was completely entranced by the candle flame until he tried to bite it. Then he learned his lesson the hard way. Thankfully, the whiskers grew back.

Porch/Patio Decoration
Keep these clutter-free and make sure to check with your apartment management to see what stipulations they have on porch or patio decorations.

Christmas Lights
Always be sure that you follow proper electrical safety guidelines with your Christmas lights. Check each strand for tears in the wires or protective covering and discard them if you find any. Plug all strands into a surge protector rather than directly into the wall outlet. Decoratively…pick either one color and keep it consistent or do the multi-colored things, but do not mix in strands of only white lights…BE CONSISTENT! Otherwise it just has a tendency to look trashy.

Kids and Presents
Keep a watchful eye on your kids and the presents under the tree. There isn’t a kid out there who won’t jump at the chance to tear a corner of a present neatly to see whats inside and then effortlessly close it back up to make it appear to have never been tampered with.

While we are discussing kids, watch out for your ornaments. Kids and small animals love the sparkles of an ornament and are magically drawn to remove them from the tree and play with them like a toy. The sharp hooks that hang them on the tree can be a danger to both children and animals. Also, the bulbs break easily and can also pose a danger. I suggest using twist ties to hang your ornaments if you have small children, cats, or monkeys in your apartment. Dogs tend to leave the ornaments alone, but drink out of the tree’s water dish.

Christmas music is festive and fun, but beware, too much of it will ruin your Christmas. You will find yourself bitter about that little drummer boy by the end of December if you aren’t careful. Also, in apartments, remember that you have neighbors. If you are blasting Silent Night, they may be none too pleased and all may not be calm and bright.

Turkey Time
If you are entertaining for Thanksgiving, make sure to have a number of blankets and pillows around for your guests to cat nap after the chemicals in the turkey set in. During your shopping, make sure to get zip lock bags and small disposable containers so that you can send people home with left overs. Otherwise, you will end up with a fridge full of food…which isn’t a terrible thing if you eat like me.

Keeping these simple tips in mind should help add to your safety this holiday season. You may also want to double check your locks every night and when you leave the apartment as break-ins increase during the holidays. It’s even a good idea to vary the times that you come home everyday, so that if a crook is casing you…they are unable to see any sort of consistency.

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