How to Conserve Water at Your Apartment

Making your bill a little cheaper isn’t the only reason to watch your water usage. Many areas around the world have a limited fresh water supply and your contribution can go a very long way.

Going “Green” doesn’t just happen by recycling, wearing all natural fibers, not using chemicals, and driving a hybrid. You can also be “Green conscious” by saving on the water you use.

To continue what we started yesterday, here are a few more ideas on saving some water around your apartment:

Drinking Water
Rather than run the tap to get the water cold, keep a jug or bottle of water in the refrigerator to pull out whenever you want a little cool agua. You could save 1 gallon this way.

Not only should you try to limit the number of times that you run your dishwasher, but you should also limit the water you are using to wash those plates. If you avoid rinsing dishes before you place them in the dishwasher or fill a pot to soak, you could save 8 to 10 gallons! Also, look into an Energy Star appliance to save on energy when running your dishwasher.

Quit defrosting your ground beef or other frozen goods with water in the sink. Instead, let it defrost overnight in the fridge! You can save 4 gallons this way!

Don’t Bathe
Intead of bathing, take a shower. You can save 30 gallons, even with a long shower. Try getting a water limiting shower head as well or turn off the shower when you don’t need to rinse.

Stop using the toilet as a trash can. Throw your garbage away in the actual trash and don’t flush it. You’ll save 3.6 gallons!

Give those a shot! You’ll do your part for the environment and also save yourself a chunk of cash on your water bill.

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