Get Some Exercise With Your Dog

pug-smHaving a dog can be a lot of fun, but it can also be tiring. They are so full of energy all the time and that energy only increases when they are pinned up in the apartment all day.

Get some exercise while making your puppy happy!

It is very necessary to take your pup out for a walk at least once a day. With the difference in size of breeds and such, each type of dog requires a different amount of walking.

Not only will this help get your dog in good shape, but if you get out walking it will help you get some fitness in too. So step it up a little, but be aware that you can overwork your dog so keep a healthy pace for the pooch. So use these few examples as a guide for your dog walking endeavor:

  • Bulldog –Try to keep your pace at around 3 miles per hour
  •  Poodle – 3.5 miles per hour at a brisk pace
  • Golden Retriever & Labs – These loving dogs usually have a ton of energy to burn, so jog at roughly 5 mph
  • Corgi – Quick walk at 3.5 mph
  • Jack Russell Terriers –These balls of energy have a lot to burn, so you can take them on a big time jog at more than 5 mph

Always pay attention to your animal to make sure they are doing alright during any walk. You should never drag them because this means either they can’t walk anymore or something hurts, so don’t make them work when they don’t want to.

When walking your pet around your community, always remember to be respectful of the other residents, keep them on a leash, and pick up after them.

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