Decorating Your Apartment with Blue

What do you think our favorite color is? Take a look at the colors we have used to decorate this site. Any clue?

It’s not green. And it’s not red.

That’s right…BLUE! The greatest thing about blue is that it is a calming color and promotes a feeling of relaxing. Perfect for the busy Resident like you that enjoys their rest time. I have a few awesome tips on decorating your apartment using the color blue.

You can find a ton of brown or tan furniture and accessories to fill a room. I have seen an influx in use of light blue and brown offsetting each other. This unlikely combination really gives a fresh warm feel to any apartment. I suggest coating your walls in a very pale blue and off set it with the use of browns in your furniture, accessories, and decor. Stay away from adding yellows or reds into this mix. For additional colors, think cream, off white, or various shades of dark blue to complement your main two colors. This entire ensemble will give a very elegant feel.

Infuse It
Want to have a flash of color in your apartment? Easy! Just offset very light colored walls with cobalt or another vibrant shade of blue furniture upholstery. When you walk into your apartment you will feel a comfy blast of color with a contemporary feel.

Go Bold On The Walls
Or…you could paint your walls a bold blue, like cobalt blue and have brightly colored furniture with shades of reds, or pinks. If your really want to be out there you could offset the cobalt blue with a bright orange like the colors for the University of Florida.

Make Life Imitate Art
Take vibrant blue paintings or other pieces of art and accent the rest of the room using only the colors found in the painting. The piece of art will stand out and so will your room!

Blue Stained glass comes in a variety of shades. Accent your room with these items throughout. Setting them in a window that gets a steady flow of sun can add great visual appeal when the sun shines through the glass and the shades of blue.

Spot the Blue
Don’t make blue your main color. Instead, use a cream or white as your main color and add speckles of blue throughout. Make the blue give the accenting feel. This also works in reverse, but is much more discrete this way.

What’s more blue than water? Nothing..that’s what. Use a water theme throughout your apartment. If your community will allow you to have a fish tank, even better. Bring a pretty fish tank in with some royal blue fish!

Know any more good blue tips? Have some blue stories? I wanna hear about them so leave them in a comment!

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