Zombie-Proofing Your New Apartment

I-dont-do-toiletsZombie-Proofing Your New Apartment – Well, it finally happened – some scientist messed with forces he didn’t understand, and now the walking dead are everywhere, on the hunt for fresh braaaaaains! Since you’ve become somewhat accustomed to your cranium by this point, you decide to fight for your right to ponder. So how do you fortify your apartment against the impending zombie horde?

Make A Beach House Of Your Apartment

Do you love the beach and wish that you really, really had a beach house, but all you have is your awesome city-fied apartment?

The solution is easy…Why not make your apartment feel like a beach house?

Decorating your apartment with a beach house theme is simple and before you know it you will be relaxing on your couch and you’ll swear you could hear the seagulls.

3 Essential Rules of Having A Simple Move

For some Apartment-ites moving to a new apartment is quite a chore. It takes many hours and is a long, arduous process from the planning and packing to the moving and unpacking. Okay…it’s like that for ALL of us…unless you can hire someone to move and set up everything for you….

Most of us are on a budget and don’t have the cash to blow on a moving company to do all the work for us, so what can we do?

Apartment Living Room Campout

A quick, cheap, and easy way to have fun in your apartment!

The A to Z’s of Apartment Community Living

At Apartment Home Living, we “Live for Fun.” Looking for some ideas to inject a little more fun into your lifestyle? Now you’re talking. Here’s a list of what makes apartment living fun, from A to Z…


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