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Expert Advice on Utilities, Bills and Saving Money at Your Apartment

How to Conserve Water at Your Apartment

Making your bill a little cheaper isn’t the only reason to watch your water usage. Many areas around the world have a limited fresh water supply and your contribution can go a very long way.

Going “Green” doesn’t just happen by recycling, wearing all natural fibers, not using chemicals, and driving a hybrid. You can also be “Green conscious” by saving on the water you use.

How to Prepare Your Apartment For Freezing Temperatures

Maybe you are just now experiencing winter this year or maybe you are in an area that’s been hit several times by the freezes, ice overs and wintery mixes. There are a number of things that you can keep in mind to help make your apartment life a lot easier during these times of cold.

How to Save Energy Around the Apartment

There are a number of great ways to save on energy around your apartment that range from inexpensive for those on a limited budget to those who can spend whatever they wish.

If you are going to be living there for several years, spending any type of money on energy saving things should be looked at as a good investment. Remember though, if you install anything in your apartment that is a permanent fixture like storm windows or a super cool thermostat, you’ll have wanted to check with your apartment manager to make sure this was okay first. They may also require that you leave it when you leave.

The Secret To A Cheaper Water Bill

Recently my monthly water bill nearly doubled. I didn’t think I was using any more water than before, so I knew it wasn’t a change in my usage that was causing it. I’m in a building at my apartment community that has 4 different units sharing one water meter, so every month the management splits the total bill for the building up 4 ways and sends us the bill.

Energy Saving Tip: Foil On Your Windows

Looking for a couple of ways to save on energy bills in your apartment this summer? Think about these:

Foil on the windows looks trashy. We know this to be true. Many communities may not even allow you to do this, but placing foil over your windows can help reflect the sun and keep your apartment cooler.

It won’t leave you with much of a view when looking out of your apartment window, but it may help you see a difference in your energy bill. Just be sure to check with your community to make sure this would be allowed before you go covering all of your windows.

Stop Vampire Electricity and Save Money On Your Electricity Bill

I know, I know. You are wondering the big question that is on everyone’s mind. It’s the biggest question of the century and stopping it may be one of the keys to saving the world.

The question…

Cut Down The Cost of Heating Your Apartment

Because of inflation, keeping your apartment as warm this winter as you did last winter could cost you an estimated 11 % more. It’s a proven fact that for every degree that your thermostat is set back, you could save approximately 1% on your bill.

Many of us try to remember to set the thermostat down to a reasonable degree when we leave the house, so that it doesn’t run all day heating our apartment for no one and wasting our hard earned cash.


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