Top Tips For A Great Apartment Bathroom

Bathrooms can get cluttered and really start to look messy from time to time. It is in fact one of the most trafficked rooms in your apartment, so it can be a true measure of your cleanliness.

If a guest sees a cluttered and dirty bathroom they may think the same about you. There are a number of easy ways to keep your apartment bathroom clean and clutter free that go way beyond just simply wiping everything down.

De-clutterizing everything starts with one thing: storage. Here are a few easy tips to declutter and clean your apartment bathroom.

Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down: Report Leaks to Your Apartment Manager ASAP

Is your refrigerator running? Well you better go catch it!

No, but seriously folks, it is very important to report any leaks or running water that you find in your apartment to management as soon as possible. Doing this will ensure that the problem is rectified early causing the least extra damage as possible.

Checklist For A Fully Furnished Room: The Bathroom

It’s time to hook up the bathroom in your apartment. I am not talking about making the plumbing work as hopefully that has already been done. Rather, I’m talking about getting all the pieces you need to fully furnish and decorate the room where you bathe and brush your teeth, among other things.

But, I digress. Here is the list of all the items that you will need to make your apartment bathroom complete:

3 Great Bathroom Decor Ideas


Need some ideas to spice up your bathroom? Does it look cold and empty like a public school bathroom? Nothing but the toilet sink, walls, mirror, and a few towels? Trust me. That’s not impressing anyone or anything.

Often overlooked in decorating, the bathroom is one of the more visited rooms in the home. With people spending an average of 45 minutes per day using it, showering and primping, why should you ever even think about leaving it bare?

5 Tips for a Sweeter Shower: A How To

woman_in_bubblebath_2How messy is the shower in your apartment? Do you have haircare product bottles, soap, puffs, shaving cream, razors and who knows what else lining the base of your tub?

You name it…we’ve seen it. And if you have found yourself in the situation, we are here to help. The shower/bathtub is often over looked as a part of the apartment that needs a little decorator’s touch or some storage help.

These 5 tips will help you, your roommates, and whoever else may find themselves getting clean in your apartment enjoy a sweeter shower.

Toilet Repair at Your Apartment

As a valued apartment resident, I wanted to give you a quick tip on what to do if the toilet in your apartment seems to be overflowing.

We’ve all been there. You flush the handle and watch in anxiety as the water rises higher and higher with no recession in sight. Your breathing gets quicker and the panicky feeling sets in as you utter the words, “Oh! Crap!” (No pun intended.)


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