5 Steps On Getting Your Apartment Ready For Love

Looking for love? Or worse…looking for love in all the wrong places?33277700

From regular, day-to-day pursuits like grocery shopping, working out or preparing a meal to life’s more exciting adventures like traveling, going out or getting close (and maybe a little adventurous), setting the right mood is imperative to finding love. Then when the time is right, the right ambiance in your apartment can make all the difference.

I’d like to let you in on some great steps that’ll help you get your place ship-shape for love. Some of you out there need a lot of help (you know who you are) so make sure to pay attention. Take notes if you want to, but let’s get your apartment ready for love!

Step # 1: For the Love of cheese, Clean Up! – No one and I mean NO ONE other than Grover gets hot and bothered amid a mess. Pick up around the place, clean up the dirty dishes, get that vacuum in gear and don’t be afraid to actually clean your own toilet for once. Trust me fellas, ladies don’t want to see the mold around your sink or the ring around the tub either. Soap scum will make you look like a lazy bum. Hire a maid if you have to. Just make sure your place is as dust, dirt and clutter free as Mama would’ve wanted.

Step # 2: A little night music- When you head for the iPod think soothing and sexy, not down and dirty. This one might depend on your personal definition of “soothing,” but Marvin Gaye is always a great choice. A nice acoustic sound like John Mayer or Jack Johnson will always set a great mood too. You’ll want to stay away from anything that could potentially bust an ear drum or makes you want to drive fast in the car. Anything you have to scream over to have a conversation won’t get you anywhere.

Step # 3: Aromatherapy – There’s a reason the perfume and cologne industries rake in billions. Pleasing scents have been proven to soothe stress and can also foster romance. You can use candles, sprays or burn a little incense. However be careful not to overdo it. You can go from suave to cheesy pretty fast with too much smell good. Keep it subtle. Remember: scent is the number one sense associated with memory. Smell great and you’re bound to leave a lasting impression. Smell bad and you’re bound to leave their nostrils flaring and send them running.

Step # 4: Comfort is the key- If you’re going to spoil yourself with one expensive piece of furniture, make it a couch with plenty of room for getting to know one another. A couple of smooth recliners may look great and be heaven watching games or movies, but won’t help at all in putting a move on your date. In absolutely no situation should you ever find patio furniture or fold-up chairs anywhere else, but on the patio. Moral of this story: Go with that nice comfy couch. That after-dinner drink can turn into much more with the help of a comfy couch that just invites adventure.

Step # 5: Make it Your Own – Your apartment is your home and it speaks for you before you ever say a word. Remember that when someone walks in, they’ll make judgments about your style, your tastes, and, yes, your sex appeal based on how it looks. Pay attention to the details and you’re on your way to getting more than just a good night’s sleep. <br /> <br />Some people may think that all of this comes natural, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who really might not have a clue. Please keep these steps in mind to help get your love life burning in your apartment.

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