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Top Apartment Lifestyle Tips

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Top Tips For A Great Apartment Bathroom

Bathrooms can get cluttered and really start to look messy from time to time. It is in fact one of the most trafficked rooms in your apartment, so it can be a true measure of your cleanliness.

If a guest sees a cluttered and dirty bathroom they may think the same about you. There are a number of easy ways to keep your apartment bathroom clean and clutter free that go way beyond just simply wiping everything down.

Zombie-Proofing Your New Apartment

I-dont-do-toiletsZombie-Proofing Your New Apartment – Well, it finally happened – some scientist messed with forces he didn’t understand, and now the walking dead are everywhere, on the hunt for fresh braaaaaains! Since you’ve become somewhat accustomed to your cranium by this point, you decide to fight for your right to ponder. So how do you fortify your apartment against the impending zombie horde?

Going Away For Awhile? Apartment Travel Proofing Tips

Do you have plans to travel, take vacation, or simply spend a few days or weeks away from the apartment soon? If so, we wanted to send you a list of some of the important things to remember to take care of around your apartment before and while you are away on your adventure.

How to Prepare Your Apartment For Freezing Temperatures

Maybe you are just now experiencing winter this year or maybe you are in an area that’s been hit several times by the freezes, ice overs and wintery mixes. There are a number of things that you can keep in mind to help make your apartment life a lot easier during these times of cold.

5 Steps On Getting Your Apartment Ready For Love

Looking for love? Or worse…looking for love in all the wrong places?33277700

From regular, day-to-day pursuits like grocery shopping, working out or preparing a meal to life’s more exciting adventures like traveling, going out or getting close (and maybe a little adventurous), setting the right mood is imperative to finding love. Then when the time is right, the right ambiance in your apartment can make all the difference.

Get Some Exercise With Your Dog

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pug-smHaving a dog can be a lot of fun, but it can also be tiring. They are so full of energy all the time and that energy only increases when they are pinned up in the apartment all day.

Get some exercise while making your puppy happy!

Moving With Ease: The Complete Checklist

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Moving can be quite the challenge. Here’s the handy checklist to help you remember all of those pesky details.

How To Make Cheap And Easy Do-It-Yourself Curtains

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Tired of looking at the boring, generic window shades that came standard with your apartments? Well cover them up with some really fun and inexpensive curtains.

Here’s an easy guide on setting yourself up with a cheap and easy curtain:

Signing Your Apartment Lease: The Basics

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When your eyes peer over a lease for the first time before signing it, you tense up not wanting to miss any of the fine print. Leases can be similar, but they can also be very, very different.

Apartment leases must abide by state or local laws that govern both the resident’s and the landlord/management companies rights. These can include regulations on security deposit limits, the eviction process and what happens when a lease is broken.

Understanding the Leasing Process

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The apartment leasing process can become quite confusing and overwhelming on your search for the perfect new place.

There are a number of items and information that you will need to bring with you and provide when you walk into that leasing office to apply to lease an apartment – so you’ll want to be prepared.

These items go beyond the obvious items that you’d think and having them handy will make you one step closer to leasing that perfect apartment.

Flu Season Around The Apartment

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We are heavy into flu season and I can tell you one thing for sure that rings true for every single apartment resident out there…nobody wants to get sick.

If you do, there may be something deeper wrong there that should be evaluated.

Where to Hang the Stockings at Your Apartment

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T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse. The stockings were hung from the chimney with…..wait a minute….chimney?!??! What chimney? “I live in an apartment without a chimney. Where the heck do hang my stockings?”

Moving On Up To A Deluxe Apartment: Tips On Adjusting From A Small Town To Big City Living

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Moving from a small town to a big city is an exciting new adventure that can really open your eyes to a varying number of surprising new things that you might need to adjust to.

Cliché as it may be, this move will have a person truly become a “small fish in a big pond.” And in some cases in some cities…that pond can even be more like an ocean!

Watch Out For The Kids In Your Community

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kidsWith the school soon to be letting out for summer, the kids will be out playing on the community grounds more often. As this happens we need to make sure that we are aware of kids, pets, and others who are out enjoying the sunshine.

There are a couple of key things to keep in mind about kids and your community.

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